I have been counseling individuals, couples, families and groups for more than thirty years. My emphasis has been on relationships—relationship with self; relationship with others, and especially relationship to all that there is. Where do I fit in the big picture?  What gives life meaning?
This Web site is offered as assistance to individuals, couples, families and groups in navigating these turbulent times. As this new age begins, things are changing rapidly. This change often elicits fear or uncertainty. Where are the anchors? They are INSIDE!
Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." No one can define you except yourself. No one other than you thinks in your own head. Thought directs energy. How do we remain solid in our caring and loving of our self so that we can love and contribute to our own life and the lives of others?
These are the themes of my work over the past thirty years. I have worked in a variety of settings within my private practice: classes, workshops, seminars and retreats, as well as thousands of individual, couple, family and group sessions. My work reflects the shift that is occurring, moving from traditional clinical approaches to more energetic thinking. We are all a SPARK!
"Alosia Carlson's
professional training and rich life experience combine to provide a remarkable environment for health and healing. Her wisdom and generosity of spirit enables one to explore issues in a safe and nourishing setting."