Balancing Your Life Balancing Your Life with the 4 x 4's
Strategies for moving toward a fulfilling life through continuous attention to the "4 x 4's."
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Moving out of Passive Thinking and Passive Behavior Moving Out of Passive Thought and Passive Behavior
Strategies to assist you in taking charge of your own thoughts and actions.
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The Creative Power of Your Own Attention The Creative Force of Our Own Attention
Guidelines and exercises for using the power of your attention to create greater harmony, inside and out.
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“Over the past 15 years I have turned to Alosia for clarity, insight, inspiration, healing, and a whole lot more! She is not only a master therapist and pragmatist but
a clear guide on the path to higher consciousness.
I particularly love her recorded CD meditations, which take me to a whole new level of healing and awareness.”