Classes are organized intermittently to address specific subjects: communication, marital enrichment, problem solving, self definition, etc.

Workshops occur approximately once a month to focus on growth strategies and tools: Positioning and Alignment, Who Defines You?, Stilling Your Brain, Native American Wisdom, etc.

Retreats occur approximately once a year and occur over two or three days. They are held at Snowbird Ski Resort near Salt Lake City. They are times of intense self reflection and connecting with the landscape, inside and out.
They are designed to be nourishing for the body, mind and spirit.

As classes are scheduled, they will be posted on this website. For further information, contact Alosia Carlson at (801) 560.1237.

There are no Events scheduled at this time

For further information, contact Alosia at 801-560-1237

“The way I valued life changed the day I started to work with Alosia. She inspired me to make my life richer and more authentic by living my only life for me.”